art film & my 2005 myspace account

Vain & pretentious fun? Go ahead, you self-indulgent ass.

Via sophisticated & in-depth, albeit brief & painless probe of my self-regard, I’m an analog for Federico Fellini’s Otto e Mezzo and very creative.

Then there’s something about difficulty in responsibility… Seeing as I currently have none to concern myself with, that cannot be the case. Something has been lost in translation; People choose their synonyms badly. I do want to have total control over my work, is that a problem?

Am I known to respond badly to suggestions and criticism? It hadn’t occurred to me.

Most of the time I’d rather immerse myself in flights of fancy than hmmm, so. Which art film are you? Take this quiz!

12:34 AM July 2005

(Because the Facebook is hardly the fun myspace was, and sharing apps doesn’t allow for any creative license.)


English: Spirits of the Dead (film, 1968, segment Federico Fellini) Français : Histoires extraordinaires.


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