A Post-Industrial Gilded Era Primer :/

Kepler Bosses of Senate

I’ve been saying we’re living in the New Gilded Age for a while now, without realizing no one knew what I was referring to. Furthermore, if social media provides any example, people are not in the habit of googling, or clicking links. So… What do I mean?

We’re in a period of collusion–though that’s putting it lightly–between our Government and the Food Industry/Big Business.

We get virulently whipped-up over side-issues, divided by non-issues. Many of our modern reactions to supposed concerns, like immigration, have a tried-and-true precedent. See if this sounds familiar:

“The Chinese worked on the railroads for long periods of time and many were dubbed unskilled laborers who were stealing jobs from other Americans…. This stereotype was the basis for the Chinese Exclusion Act.”


It’s a faux-technocracy of sorts, because innovation and intellectual property are lauded, and natural resources privatized, but the businessmen are still in charge, and their PR campaigns have more to do with naïve reasoning than peer-reviewed findings. O, half-truths, forward-thinking and novelty!

We hear a lot about the Free Market. And shrinking the deficit. And Entitlements. Consider the following from Bush’s 2005 Energy bill.

Section 1329 allows “geological and geophysical” costs associated with oil exploration to be written off faster than present law, costing taxpayers over $1.266 billion from 2007-2015.

Americans once had very different popular notions about Capitalism, and the Free Market, too.

Compare that idea to the dizzying arrays of parent companies’ (there’s a phrase no one could mistrust!) broods.

Additionally, the intellectual properties that companies like Monsanto create are evolutionarily doomed, leading to a two-fold problem: Nature adapts and we must revert to the methods their intellectual property “saved” us from, while also continuing to subject ourselves to the uncontrollable offshoots of GMOs introduced into our food supply, and our bodies. Your tax dollars, by the way, are being used to maintain that monopoly.

While we “worry” about migrant workers and “anchor babies”, our farmland is becoming more beholden to a corporate “person” with all the privileges the American people are supposed to have, but none of our responsibilities–which we definitely shoulder; and these corporate people similarly have no real connection to the countries that give them so much. Their loyalty is to a profit-margin that involves many currencies.

And finally, if this all seems like too much to address, here is some food for thought:

“The U.S. food corporations are unnecessarily feeding us chemicals – while leaving out almost all questionable ingredients in our friends’ products overseas. The point is the food industry has already formulated safer, better products, but they are voluntarily only selling inferior versions of these products here in America.”


“Then you move on to Costco where the ingredient list is so long I literally had trouble keeping count – but it’s close to 80 ingredients! The majority of them are fake chemical fillers and food-like substances that are obviously not real food.”



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