For God and Country

I think it’s worth reflecting on, that Lucifer–the shining one and Morning star–was the most self-righteous of angels. To proclaim God’s condemnation is, in effect, an act of rising above Him, when God has not endowed you with that task.

All the speculation regarding the Boston bombing… I’m left with knowing most Christians close to me don’t study the bible individually, but seek a guide, which is a potentially misleading thing. To be given answers, rhetorically, as if you’ve done the searching and arrived at the conviction you seek (and espouse) through honest means? They are followers, but not in the sense, I think, that they are be urged to be, biblically. The Bible has passed through the hands of men so many times, must it also pass through their mouths? To the people who then proclaim it as “the word of God”.

Christ has spoken, they say.

It breeds hypocrisy. Short-sighted, vehement, self-serving hypocrisy.

A lovely example, somewhat over-shadowed by the Boston tragedy:

It took Governor Rick “secessionist” Perry less than 24 hours to declare the area around the recent West, TX fertilizer plant explosion a disaster AND request federal money from President Obama. Earlier this year, in a motion that can only be described as an act of deeply pious Christian charity, Perry voted against Hurricane Sandy relief alongside Texas Representative Flores–who is also now asking Washington for federal a$$i$tance. On principle, I suppose. So typical of conservative agenda–to turn on their own argument should it apply to them, and to not disclose to what extent they take advantage of it.

Pay no attention to the men behind the curtain. P.S. Support deregulation.

Perhaps you don’t remember Perry’s overt appeal to Christian patriots? If not, please refresh your memories.

“You don’t need to be in the pews every Sunday” indeed. Faith!



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